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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Does it make sense to outsource our transportation services?

Working with Bay Logistics Services will enable you to reduce the amount of investments you have to make in transportation-related equipment, technology, facilities, and personnel. By working with us you can then focus your in-house resources on your core and potential new business.

What level of savings can we expect?

Every client’s needs are unique but on average, you can expect savings of 10-20 percent. Working closely with you, we determine how our dedicated team and state-of-the-art technology can provide added value that creates savings for you. We always negotiate best rates, perform audits of freight bills, and manage OSD claims.

How does Bay Logistics Services make these savings possible?

As a full-service transportation logistics company, we reduce your expenses through our superior buying power, negotiation skills, streamlined processes, and technological innovations. Our experience and systems ensure that we’re moving your products safely, securely, and in the most economic way. We always negotiate best rates, perform audits of freight bills and manage OS&D claims.

Does Bay Logistics Services specialize in any way?

We can transport fresh, frozen and dry freight over-the-road and are experts in transporting temperature-sensitive products that require all types of refrigeration. Further, our transportation planning and monitoring services go beyond carrier rate negotiations to thorough screening for safety, security and compliance.

Will we need to purchase a Transportation Management System (TMS)?

Our investment in TMS is part of the savings of doing business with Bay Logistics Services. You will not need to purchase a Transportation Management System but will have access to the tracking, reporting and analysis that it provides via our Web site.

For answers to your specific questions, call us toll-free at 877.754.3180.
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